Chicken cages for sale in Kenya

In Kenya, chicken cages are commonly used in commercial poultry farming operations, especially for raising layers and broilers. Chicken cages provide a controlled environment for the birds, protect them from predators, and make it easier for farmers to manage the flock.

There are different types of chicken cages available in Kenya, including:

  1. Battery cages: These are wire mesh cages that house several birds in a small space. They are usually stacked vertically and have a feeding trough and water supply system.
  2. A-frame cages: These are also wire mesh cages, but they are designed in the shape of an A, with the birds housed on both sides of the frame.
  3. Free-range cages: These are larger, open-air cages that allow the birds to move around more freely, but still provide some level of protection.

Chicken cages can be purchased from various suppliers and manufacturers in Kenya, such as:

  1. Eggs Incubator Kenya
  2. Ecochicks Poultry Ltd

When purchasing chicken cages, it’s important to consider the size and design of the cage, as well as the number of birds it can accommodate. It’s also important to ensure that the cage is made of durable materials and is easy to clean and maintain.

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