How to Determine if an Egg is Fertile for Incubation: Candling, Egg Fertility Testing, and Observation

Learn how to determine if an egg is fertile and viable for incubation through candling, egg fertility testing, and observation of mating habits. Proper incubation conditions are key for a successful hatch.:

  1. First, make sure you have a rooster in your flock. Only eggs fertilized by a rooster can develop into chicks.
  2. Look for physical signs on the eggshell. Fertilized eggs may have a small, white spot on the surface known as the blastoderm or germinal disc. This is where the sperm and egg met and the embryo will begin to develop. Unfertilized eggs do not have this spot.
  3. Check the yolk. A fertile egg may have a small, white ring around the yolk called the “bull’s eye.” This is another indication that the egg has been fertilized. However, this method is not always reliable, as the bull’s eye may not be visible in all fertile eggs.
  4. Use a candling device. Candling is a process that involves shining a bright light through the egg to see inside. You can use a flashlight or a specialized candling device to do this. Fertile eggs will show the development of veins and a dark shadow inside the egg.

By following these steps, you can determine if an egg is fertile and ready for incubation.

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