How to incubate eggs in Kenya

How to incubate eggs in Kenya

Incubating eggs is a great way to start your own flock of chickens or to hatch out other types of poultry, such as ducks, quails, or turkeys.

It’s also a fun and rewarding experience to watch the eggs hatch and the chicks grow.

  1. Choose the right incubator

     There are many different types of incubators available, so it’s important to choose one that’s right for your needs. Consider the size of your flock, the type of eggs you’ll be incubating, and your budget.

  2. Set up the incubator

    Once you’ve chosen an incubator, you’ll need to set it up properly. This includes adjusting the temperature and humidity levels, and adding a water source. The temperature is set at 37.8 degrees and humidity at 70%. Set turning of eggs at 2 hours interval

  3. Gather your eggs

    You’ll need to gather fresh, fertile eggs to incubate. The eggs should be clean and undamaged. The eggs should be less than 10 days since laying

  4. Place the eggs in the incubator

    Once you have your eggs, you can place them in the incubator. The sharp end of the egg should face down.

  5. Turning the eggs

    Most incubators have automatic turning of eggs however eggs should be turned at least 4 times a day for cases of manual incubators.

  6. Monitor the temperature and humidity levels

    It’s important to monitor the temperature and humidity levels in the incubator regularly. Temperature should be within 37.5 to 38.5 degrees ranger, with humidity between over 70%

  7. 18th Day transition

    On day 18, turning of eggs should be stopped. This period is called locked down period. You should avoid opening the incubator

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