1056 Eggs Fully Auto Poultry Incubator And Hatchery.


  • Full hatcher- can do both incubation and hatching
  • Electric automatic incubator has the advantages of small size, large capacity, small temperature difference, stable performance and high hatch rate.
  • Digital display of temperature, humidity and turning frequently, automatic hatching.


Its an  incubator fabricated in china.Its an automatic egg incubator.It uses electricity as the the main source of power.solar battery and generator is used as backup of the machine.Its hatch rate is more than 96% of total number of eggs.Takes 21 days to hatch. Its average capacity is 1056 eggs. It consumes electricity worth 300 watts. user manual available for guidelines.

. Economical power consumption. easy to operate and portable to transport. takes very little space. Can operate both as incubator and hatchery.  uses the latest technology of eggs turning-tilt technology at an angle of 45 degree 


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