1058 Eggs Capacity Poultry Full Auto Incubator Hatcher


  • Double control of temperature and humidity.
  • > Dual purpose equipment of hatching and keeping growers.
  • > Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning frequency
  • > Full automatically temperature, humidity, egg turning controlling
  • > Automatic turning system tilts the eggs at 45 degree once per two hours (setter only)


  • The  incubator is fully automatic . Imported body material. as it has an automatic controller that automatically regulates humidity and temperature inside the machine. It has 1 powerful fan that ensures uniform supply of Oxygen inside the machine. you can use both electricity and generator when the electricity goes out. The incubator can stay up to seven (7) hours once there is a blackout provided the machine is not opened. For better results, use eggs that are 5 days and below. The machine has a 1 year warranty.


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