300 Eggs Ac/Dc Solar Incubator


  • Its power consumption is 180W/12V DC/ 240V AC with automatic controls of temperature, humidity, ventilation and turning of eggs. It is combined setter and hatcher.


  1. Capacity: This 300-egg incubator has enough space to hold 300 eggs comfortably.
  2. AC/DC operation: This incubator fully operates on both AC and DC power. Power consumption is 180W/12VDC/240V AC
  3. Temperature control: The incubator has a thermostat or temperature control system to maintain a consistent temperature range suitable for the types of eggs being incubated.
  4. Humidity control: The incubator  has a system for regulating humidity levels, which are important for proper egg development.
  5. Automatic egg turning: To ensure even heat distribution and proper development of the embryos, the incubator has an automatic egg turning mechanism.
  6. Digital display: A clear digital display which helps you to monitor the temperature, humidity, and other important settings.
  7. Ventilation: Adequate ventilation is essential to maintain good air quality and prevent the buildup of harmful gases.
  8. Compatibility with different types of poultry eggs: The incubator  accommodates a range of poultry eggs, including chicken, quail, duck, and turkey eggs, among others.
  9. Easy to clean and maintain: This incubator is easy to clean and maintain to prevent the buildup of bacteria or other contaminants that could harm the eggs.


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