64 eggs drawer like incubator


  •  One-key operation, fully automatic intelligent incubation
  • Intelligent automatic temperature and humidity control
  • 360 degree automatic egg flip
  • Automatic temperature and humidity alarm function
  • Incubating, hatching, brooding, three functions in one machine
  • LED cold light source egg inspection light


  • Fully automatic Digital display, key operation, one-key incubation, fully automatic intelligent large-scale incubator can incubate 64-256 eggs,
  • Intelligent Temperature Humidity Control precise temperature and humidity control system can intelligently adjust temperature and humidity, simulating the most suitable incubation environment,And with automatic alarm function
  • Automatic egg turning. The motor drives the screw rod to rotate, which can rotate the eggs 360 degrees and heat them evenly, which effectively improves the hatching rate. Adjustable spacing egg trays are perfect for different sizes of eggs


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