128 birds battery cages


  • It holds 128 layers
  • Size is 7ft (length) by 9ft (width) by 7ft (height).
  • Four tiers battery cages with double side.
  • Fitted with nipple drinkers, feeders and piping.
  • Highly electro-galvanized.


It is a multi-tiered cage system designed for housing poultry, particularly laying hens.
This cage is made of sturdy and durable materials such as galvanized steel or aluminum.
This cage has 32 individual compartments, each of which can accommodate 4 hens.
The compartments are arranged in four tiers, to maximize space utilization.
It has feeding and drinking systems installed to ensure that each hen has access to food and water.
It  is equipped with a manure removal system that collects droppings and waste materials for easy cleaning and sanitation.
It has a ventilation system that provides fresh air and helps regulate temperature and humidity levels.
It is designed to minimize the risk of injury or stress to the hens, with features such as rounded edges and smooth surfaces.
It is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it convenient for transportation and relocation.
This cage is compliant with industry standards and regulations for animal welfare and hygiene.
This cage is a cost-effective solution for commercial egg production, as it allows for high-density housing and efficient management of a large number of hens.


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