Eggs Incubator Kenya 128 Eggs Digital Automatic Hatching Incubator


  • Temperature Control- Has LED screens to clearly display the temperature and humidity
  • Automatic Egg Turner- Turns the eggs every 2 hours,
  • LED Egg Candler- this eggs incubator come with LED egg light.
  • Dual Power Supply- it support two types of power supply, connect to a 220V power supply or a 12V battery.
  • Hold 128 Eggs- Mini egg incubator can incubate 128 chicken eggs/110 duck eggs/90 goose eggs/150 pigeon eggs, bird eggs and more.


Fully Automatic Incubator: Eggs Incubator Kenya incubators have complete accessories. Protective pads, Spray bottom, beak bottom, water cup&food cup can help you use the incubator better and more easily. One-key incubation, Automatic temperature control, temperature and Humidity display panel for better observation. 5 hatching rollers are adjustable. LED egg candle holder, which can observe the hatching.

Automatic Egg Turning & Adjustable Egg Tray Spacing: The machine automatically turns the eggs every 2 hours at 180 degrees each time, which can make the eggs evenly heated, avoid the adhesion of the eggshells and the egg trays, and improve the hatching rate. The distance between the rollers can be adjusted according to the size of different eggs, which can hatch eggs, duck eggs, pigeon eggs, quail eggs, parrot eggs and other egg birds

Temperature Control: The eggs incubator has LED screens to clearly display the temperature and humidity. Hot air circulation system, ensures temperature is equal inside of incubation box, to improve the hatching rate of eggs.


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