Pure Kienyeji chicken in Kenya

Pure Kienyeji chicken in Kenya refers to local chicken breeds that have not been crossbred with any commercial breeds. These chickens are typically free-range and can be found in many rural areas of Kenya.

Pure Kienyeji chicken is highly valued in Kenya due to its nutritional value, taste, and cultural significance. They are also known for their hardiness and ability to adapt to local environments. However, pure Kienyeji chicken may have lower egg and meat production compared to improved breeds.

Some of the pure Kienyeji chicken breeds found in Kenya include the Kuchi, Dorking, and the Kenyan Game. These breeds are often kept for meat and egg production in rural areas and are raised under free-range systems.

There has been a growing interest in pure Kienyeji chicken farming in Kenya due to increasing demand for organic and locally sourced products. Farmers are also recognizing the potential of pure Kienyeji chicken farming as a source of income, and efforts are being made to improve the breeds through selective breeding and better management practices.

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