Simple Kienyeji chicken house

Building a simple Kienyeji chicken house requires a few key elements to provide shelter and protection for your chickens. Here are the basic steps to build a simple Kienyeji chicken house:

  1. Choose a location: Select a flat area with good drainage and plenty of sunlight. Avoid areas that are prone to flooding or have standing water, as this can create a breeding ground for disease-carrying insects.
  2. Gather materials: You will need building materials such as wooden poles, corrugated iron sheets, nails, and wire mesh.
  3. Build the foundation: Dig holes for the wooden poles, and then fix them in place using cement or gravel. The poles should be spaced about 2-3 feet apart to provide support for the roof and walls.
  4. Build the walls: Nail the corrugated iron sheets to the wooden poles to create the walls of the chicken house. Make sure to leave enough space for ventilation, and cover the openings with wire mesh to keep out predators.
  5. Install the roof: Nail corrugated iron sheets to the top of the wooden poles to create the roof. Make sure the roof is sloped to allow for water runoff.
  6. Add bedding: Line the floor of the chicken house with sawdust, wood shavings, or straw to provide a comfortable and dry surface for the chickens to rest on.
  7. Install perches: Install wooden perches inside the chicken house to give the birds a place to roost at night.
  8. Add feeding and watering equipment: Install feeders and drinkers inside the chicken house, making sure they are raised off the ground to prevent contamination.
  9. Provide a secure door: Install a secure door that can be closed at night to keep predators out.

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