60 egg incubator

  • Capacity: 60 eggs
  • Manual turning: Eggs need to be turned manually at least three times per day
  • Temperature control: Typically equipped with a thermostat to maintain a consistent temperature of around 99-100°F (37-38°C)
  • Humidity control: May have a water reservoir to help regulate humidity levels inside the incubator
  • Ventilation: Some models have built-in fans to provide fresh air circulation
  • Transparent lid: Allows for easy viewing of the eggs during the incubation process
  • Easy to clean: Made of materials that are easy to wipe down and disinfect between hatches
  • Portable: Small and lightweight enough to be easily moved or stored when not in use
  • Suitable for a variety of poultry species, including chickens, ducks, quails, and more
  • Affordable: Manual turning models tend to be less expensive than automatic turning models
  • Requires diligence: Manual turning requires frequent attention and monitoring to ensure the eggs develop properly.
60 Eggs Manual Incubator

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