Day 18 of chicken egg incubation

  • Day 18 is an important milestone in the incubation process, as the embryos are fully formed and preparing to hatch.
  • At this stage, the eggs should be kept in the incubator and not disturbed, to prevent any damage to the developing embryos.
  • The temperature and humidity levels should be carefully monitored, as any fluctuations can affect the hatch rate.
  • The eggs should be positioned with the large end facing upward, to allow the embryos to position themselves for hatching.
  • The embryos will start to internally pip, which is the process of breaking through the inner membrane of the eggshell using their egg tooth.
  • At this stage, it is important to maintain high humidity levels, to prevent the membranes from drying out and sticking to the chick.
  • The embryos may start to chirp and move around, indicating that they are getting ready to hatch.
  • It is important to resist the urge to help the chicks hatch, as they need to do it on their own to strengthen their muscles and respiratory system.
  • The hatching process can take up to 24 hours, and it is important to monitor the incubator closely during this time.
  • Once the chicks have hatched, they should be left in the incubator until they are fully dry and fluffy, before being moved to a brooder.

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