Kenbro chicken

Kenbro chicken is a dual-purpose breed of chicken that was developed in Kenya by the Kenyatta University’s Department of Animal Science and Technology. The breed is known for its fast growth rate, early maturity, and good meat and egg production.

Kenbro chickens are a cross between the indigenous chicken breeds of Kenya and commercial broiler breeds. The aim of the breed’s development was to create a chicken that would thrive in the Kenyan climate and produce high-quality meat and eggs that are affordable to small-scale farmers.

Kenbro chickens are suitable for both free-range and intensive farming systems. They are disease-resistant, and their strong immune systems make them less susceptible to diseases such as Newcastle disease and fowl pox, which are common in Kenya. They also have a good feed-to-meat conversion ratio, which means that they require less feed to produce a kilogram of meat compared to other breeds.

In terms of egg production, Kenbro chickens are good layers, with hens capable of laying up to 180 eggs per year. The eggs are medium-sized, brown in color, and have a good taste.

Kenbro chicken has gained popularity among small-scale farmers in Kenya due to its adaptability, disease resistance, and good meat and egg production. The breed has also been exported to other African countries such as Uganda and Tanzania, where it has been well received.

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