64 eggs automatic solar incubator


This incubator has a power consumption of 80W/12V DC/240V AC with automatic controls of temperature, humidity, ventilation and turning of eggs. It can run up to 8hrs during a power blackout.



A 64-egg incubator is a device used for hatching eggs in a controlled environment. The features of a typical 64-egg incubator may include:

  1. Capacity: The incubator holds up to 64 chicken or a larger number of smaller eggs such as quail or pheasant eggs.
  2. Automatic turning: This will ensure that the eggs are turned regularly to prevent the embryo from sticking to the shell.
  3. Temperature control: The incubator has a digital thermostat that regulates the temperature to provide an optimal environment for embryo development.
  4. Humidity control: The incubator has a water reservoir that should be filled to provide the necessary humidity level for the eggs to hatch successfully.
  5. Ventilation: The incubator has adjustable vents that are used to control the airflow and maintain a healthy environment for the developing embryos.
  6. Viewing window: The incubator has a clear viewing window to allow you to monitor the progress of the eggs without opening the lid.
  7. Alarm: It alerts you if the temperature or humidity levels deviate from the desired range.


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