Rotating egg incubator

A rotating egg incubator is a device that helps hatch eggs by providing the necessary conditions for embryo development. The incubator rotates the eggs automatically to prevent the embryo from sticking to one side of the eggshell and promotes even heating and airflow around the eggs.

The incubator usually consists of a temperature and humidity control system, a fan for air circulation, and an egg tray that rotates at regular intervals. The temperature and humidity control system maintains the ideal conditions for embryo development, while the fan ensures that the air is evenly distributed throughout the incubator.

The egg tray is designed to hold the eggs and rotates them periodically, typically every few hours, to ensure that the developing embryos receive an equal amount of heat and oxygen. This prevents the embryos from sticking to the eggshell, which can result in developmental abnormalities.

Rotating egg incubators are commonly used in poultry farming to hatch chicken, duck, and quail eggs. They can also be used to hatch other types of bird eggs, such as those of turkeys, geese, and pheasants.

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