Durable incubators using low power in Kenya

Durable incubators using low power in Kenya

Eggs Incubator Kenya advanced automatic eggs incubators with modernized digital controls which ensures very low power consumption and high hatch rate.

The incubators can use both electricity and solar or a battery, very durable with compact design.

What incubator does not use electricity in Kenya?

The solar incubator uses solar as a source of power with high hatch-ability, and low embryonic mortality.

How much power does incubators in Kenya use?

The medium-sized incubators are rate at 80 watts with either 220 Ac voltage or 12 V Dc voltages

How long can an incubator stay without power?

It is estimated that the chicken embryo can survive between 6 -18 hours after black out at a room temperature of about 25 degrees centigrade

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