Where to buy Kienyeji chicken in Nairobi

There are several places where you can buy kienyeji (local) chicken in Nairobi. Here are a few options:

  1. Nairobi Farmers Market: The Nairobi Farmers Market is a popular market that sells locally grown produce and livestock, including kienyeji chicken. It is located on Ngong Road, near the Junction Mall.
  2. City Market: City Market is another popular market that sells a variety of goods, including kienyeji chicken. It is located in the city center, near the Central Police Station.
  3. Roadside vendors: You can also find kienyeji chicken being sold by roadside vendors in many parts of Nairobi. Look out for vendors selling live chickens or freshly slaughtered chicken.
  4. Online marketplaces: There are several online marketplaces that sell kienyeji chicken, such as Jumia, Kilimall, and Masoko. You can place your order online and have the chicken delivered to your doorstep.
  5. Local farms: You can also find kienyeji chicken being sold directly from local farms. Look out for signs advertising kienyeji chicken for sale, or ask around in your local area.

Remember to always buy from reputable sellers and ensure that the chicken is healthy and properly cared for.

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